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2013 Tournament Dates

Renegade Bass Schedule

June 22nd - St Lawrence River -Morrisburg
July 6th - Ottawa River -Rockland
July 20 -21 - Big Rideau Lake - Rideau Ferry
August 10th - Pro Am - TBD
August 17th - Dog/Cranberry Lake - Seeley's Bay

Past Tournament Results
2011 Tournament


2013 Tournament Results

Q1 St-Lawrence River,
Morrisburg Ont
June 22, 2013-07-11

With lots of anticipation leading up to this season, we had decided to make some fishing style changes. Day 1 of our prefish reminded us of how much we disliked the St-Lawrence and left us very uncomfortable with our patterns. Heading out for day 2 of our prefish we agreed to completely change things up and fish unknown spots. With that being said, by 2 pm we had boated a limit over 23lbs resulting in the most incredible on the water experience but leaving us worried about Q1 the very next morning. We felt very confident that if our pattern would be successful we would have a shot at a top 10 finish.

Boating 3 fish totalling 12 lbs by 11am we knew for sure we were on the right pattern. Things quickly settled down and we began running between 3 spots. By 1pm my partner suggested we run some more and pick up another 2 good ones on the way. I suggested we stick it out knowing how the afternoon bite turned on later the day prior. This proved my theory wrong and we headed back with 3 totalling 12lbs , giving us a 4 lb average which is nothing to complain about.

Going into an event knowing we have a winning pattern is something completely new to us and left us confident heading to Q2.

Q2 Ottawa River, Petrie Island,
Ottawa Ont
July 6, 2013-07-11

As many top tournament pro’s will tell you, the Mighty Ottawa will be your best friend one day and spit you out the next. As our prefish went as expected, we established and found some good fish one day, only to have the water go to chocolate brown the next. Going into an event with confidence in your pattern is something new but we are adjusting well to the welcomed change. Starting out for smallies we found a quick limit by 10am on a dock on the way to our first largie spot. Our first largie spot allowed us to start culling where we picked a couple descent fish. Leaving around 12:30 we made another pass by the same dock. First pitch... got slammed with 4lb smallie only to lose it at the boat.

Once in our final spot of the day we culled another fish leaving us confident that we would find a couple kickers by the end of the day. With that said around 3pm my partner hooks a lunker and guessed it...we lost it!

Our goal on this day was to finish mid pack and did so with just shy of 13lbs. Having boated those 2 quality fish would have bumped us up into a cheque.

Now off to Q 3-4 on our home waters of Big Rideau Lake. Sticking with our plan to change things up, it will be interesting to see what’s in store....stay tuned!

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