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Welcome to Ultimate Bass

The official site of Bass Anglers Jeff Chennette and Phil Zahab. Entering our Sixth season of competitive bass fishing we are entering the Canadian Open BerkleyB1 September 21/22 2013. Website is .

The B1 competitor field is comprised of anglers that span 6 different provinces? Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and even Alberta? Clearly there is no distance too far to travel to have a shot at being the 1.


If you share the same passion or are just a beginner, we invite you to contact us and share your fishing stories - we will post tips and techniques as well as pre-fishing and event reports as we make our way towards the Classic Championship and have a few laughs along the way.

See you on the water.


About Jeff

Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario
Age: 38
Angling Hero: Dave Wolak
Home Lake: Big Rideau
Favourite Lake: Big Rideau
Favourite Technique: Top Water
Primary Technique: Finesse
Weakness: Drop shot
Boat: Skeeter
Favourite Food: Crown Royal
Favourite Movie: Old School
Favourite Song: Gone fishing (Brad Paisley)

When I’m not fishing:
Probably re-spooling rods, organizing tackle…ect, or pursuing my other passions, my 2 girls and firefighting.

Why I fish:
Something I love about being on the water, trying to puzzle every little detail together.


About Phil

Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario
Age: 41
Angling Hero: Richie Arnoni
Home Lake: Big Rideau
Favourite Lake: St Francis
Favourite Technique: Pitchin
Primary Technique: Doodling
Weakness: Flippin
Boat: Campion Chase 700HD
Favourite Food: Steak
Favourite Movie: Stripes
Favourite Song: Smoke on the Water (Deep Purple)

When I’m not fishing:
I enjoy reading, auto mechanics and exercise

Why I fish:
Growing up along the Ottawa River gave me an opportunity to fish as much as I wanted but the funny thing is I did not fish very much but when I did, it was catfish. It wasn’t until I started camping out with Jeff on Big Rideau Lake and fishing out of his Rinker bow rider that gave me the addiction of fishing. It was that very first bass I caught in the lily pads with a rubber frog that gave me the adrenaline rush that got me hooked on bass. Since that time 7 yrs ago I have not stopped fishing for bass and to this day love going out searching for the monster of all bass.

We started a few camp ground tournaments 5 years ago and from there local events and then on to Renegade Bass which has really shown us how competitive bass fishing is in Ontario. I am confident one day we will hoist up a trophy and have lots of campfire stories to tell !

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